Online/offline usage of permissions

With KleverKey you are free to send your guests online or offline permissions. However, there are permissions that require an online usage.

Online Usage

When you are sending a permission with attribute "Online usage", the App will check the permission real-time with the KleverKey Cloud (while using the permission).

Therefore, the Smartphone will need internet connection during usage of a permission and a bit more time to process.

Certain permissions may force "Online usage", e.g. when the permission is time-related or limited. Those permissions will always check the expiration with our Cloud.

Remark: Permissions with "Online usage" requires Android V3.6 and iOS V3.0 or newer.

Offline Usage

If you are sending a permission without the "Online usage" attribute, the App will not explicitly check the permission at the time of its usage and thus, it can be used more flexible (e.g. in a cellar or in situations where no internet connection is possible).

Offline permissions can be used for Always permissions and will be processed faster than online permissions.

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