How to add a permission to my keychain?

Android V3.6.1.0 (or newer)

To add a new permission to your keychain you can simply press the + Button to start:

  1. Add a permission by QR-Code: Simply scan the QR-Code of a KleverKey compatible device and follow the instructions
  2. Add a permission wirelessly: Wait until the KleverKey compatible device appears in the list (you can use the blue signal strength indicator to identify the correct device in case of multiple devices in your surroundings). Alternatively you can touch the NFC antenna of the device if your Smartphone supports NFC and it's activated. Proceed by following the instructions.


Older Versions (Android & iOS)

To add a new permission to your keychain you can choose the following options:

  1. Approach a new lock with activated Bluetooth and wait a moment. To add the lock to your keychain you simply have to press ADD and enter a name for your lock and the lock pin.
  2. Hold your smartphone close to the lock with NFC activated. You'll get the message that you don't have the permission to operate this lock. Now, you can ask the lock administrator for the permission by pressing REQUEST button.
  3. Scan a QR code next to a lock by using your preferred QR code scanner. Next, request the permission by pressing REQUEST button.





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